Flying Gold

Not much to say lately since I don’t really want to test my bots on my main account, so there’s only the Mangos server left to test things. In any case, I have so far implemented the flying harvesting thing and it works pretty well. Here‘s a short video showing some of the features.

It starts with mounting up and ascending, at which it point it starts to follow a set of waypoints specified earlier in a “hotspots” set. Once it sees a node it flies exactly above it and descends. The first node in the video happens to be under water, so it can’t reach it. After roughly 20 seconds that node gets blacklisted (put on an ignore list) and it starts to ascend and follow the waypoints again. Once a node is reached while descending the character dismounts and starts mining + looting the node, at which point the entire thing starts over (mount up, ascend, patrol..).

While flying you can notice that it sometimes bobs horribly, that happens because the pitch of it isn’t zero, so when flying forward it actually flies down. I plan to address that too, which shouldn’t be problematic since everything required for that is available in the WoW Lua API already (GetUnitPitch, PitchDownStart/Stop, etc.).

To test all this on the live servers I intend to transfer a character to a new account so I can do it without compromising my main account. Although I am sure that I have created adequate protection, there’s always a chance left :)

Next thing to come is going to be some sort of BG bot. That’s going to be the first time combat is actually important, so it’ll involve lots of combat related revamps.

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