Gems And War

At this point I think I can say that the Harvest bot and Navigation core are pretty solid so far. In the past few weeks I have been working on avoiding getting stuck, pathfinding speed improvements (from 15 seconds for a long path down to 0.8 is pretty nice) and a bunch of bug fixing. The biggest problem I had was the movement working properly at a low FPS. The “click to move” feature of WoW did not work very well for flying navigation and started to fail horribly when the pitch angle between the player and the target was close to 90 degrees. So I ended up doing it manually which is where the problem of the low FPS came in. When the game is only running at 10 FPS it easily happens that the player overshoots the target, which is what I want to avoid because it can lead to unpredicted results (falling off a ledge/cliff or shooting off into a random direction when in druid flight form), so I ended up having to predict the position the player is going to have in the next frame and act based on that.

Other improvements are mailing functionality to clear the inventory when it’s full and continue harvesting. I ended up adding another module that keeps a journal of interesting objects (mail boxes, repair npcs, etc.) and take care of the moving to it and finding the actual object to interact with.

Similarily I have also been working on battleground functionality and with that combat related functions. Biggest problem was of course dealing with target decisions and line of sight/range. Thankfully the guys behind the old OpenBot have put a lot of thoughts into that already, so it helped it a lot. Basically there is a range in which the player will move into range of his target and another in which he will actually pull it, at which point the class routine kicks in.
Since I am currently using a manually generated navigation mesh it happens a lot that no path to the target exists and the player can’t move into range. I will be trying to move directly to the player through line of sight checks if the path to the target is empty and even. An ideal solution would be to use the map/model data from the client, but that’s a project on its own.

Anyway, here’s some videos of the bot mining and some battleground combat.

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