In this blog I write about things that interest me. Unfortunately writing takes a lot of time, so I don’t quite get the chance to write about these things quite as often as I want.

A little bit about me: My name is Eike, and I am currently finishing my Master Thesis at Chalmers in Gothenburg. I have always been interested in computers and programming, and I started out many years around the year 2000 ago by writing scripts for a cute little game called Clonk and writing websites in Perl. Later on I discovered a similarly open online game called Graal Online, which let developers create their own worlds. During that time I had an unfortunate phase with Visual Basic & PHP, but I quickly discovered my love for Ruby at that time. I got into writing 3D games, or rather, attempting to write 3D engines in Delphi initially, but quickly made the jump to C++.

It was soon after that I became more interested in Assembly, and the structure of binary programs in general. Reverse engineering became a great interest of mine, and I began writing tools to hook into games I was playing at that time that would give me an advantage (I know, it’s cheating, but it is /very/ inefficient as opposed to just playing the game!). At this point I was able to effectively write advanced game AI, without the need of having to write the game behind it.

After I finished my Bachelor in Germany, I moved to Sweden to continue with a Master in Computer Security.

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